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Yuzu Butter Veggies

Whenever someone tells me they don't like vegetables, or any food really, I'm convinced it's because they haven't had it prepared right. Try this simple, quick recipe to win them over. Don't have mushrooms or kale? These same ingredients will compliment broccoli, spinach, collard greens, even cabbage, just as well. Use whatever you've got.


  • vegetable(s) of choice

  • olive oil

  • salt and pepper (duh!)

  • garlic

  • butter

  • white wine or your choice of broth/stock

  • yuzu juice (Feel free to use lemon, lime or any citrus as a substitution)


  • heat oil in pan, sauté garlic until brown

  • add butter to pan

  • add veggies to pan

  • saute all ingredients and season with salt and pepper

  • add wine/broth to steam the veggies just until crisp (or softened, depending on the type of veg used)

  • add a light amount of yuzu and flakey salt to finish

Please enjoy!

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