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Press-Ons V.3

I’ve been quite disappointed with salon visits lately so I’ve been looking into press-on nails (again) recently, ever since a TikTok popped up on my for you page (go figure).

I can tell you about 2 different experiences with press-ons:

One - I was probably elementary-age around this time. I remember going to the drugstore with my mom, and her buying these dark red press-on nails. Each artificial nail had an adhesive sticky tab on the back that attached to your real nail. Looking back now, I wonder how long those lasted her.

Two - Fast forward many years, I revisited press-on nails shortly after I had my son. It’s hard to get to a salon being a first-time mom with a newborn, and I was looking for an EASY way of doing my own nails at home. (I could talk about my attempts with gel, dip powder, etc. but let’s leave that for another day.) The variety of press-on designs and colors were quite impressive, and even stronger glue was available now, but the problem was the nails easily bended and dented.

Fast forward to now, I’m giving em a third try. The issue of the nails easily bending has *supposedly* now been addressed. I messaged a few Etsy sellers asking about durability since “I’m quite active and use my hands a lot” and “am concerned about the nails easily bending” and none of them seemed to be unreasonably concerned. They all backed the durability of their nails and mentioned that some shapes and lengths are more durable, however as long as I use my nails within reason I should have no problem. So I figure they're all pretty durable across the board.

Here is the set I went with.

I went with a medium length because I could never manage with anything longer :-p I did have to do a significant amount of filing but that’s my fault for not measuring.

You know what I did immediately after applying these though? I took note of my nail sizes for my future order, because I loved them so much. As I (struggle to) type this, I’m on day 2 of wearing the nails and I must say, they feel quite solid. No bending yet- buuuut my thumb nail has fallen off twice. I don’t think anyone is to blame. I prepped my nails correctly, and all the other nails are staying on…I think this one is just a bit of a problem child.

Would I order again? Absolutely. “Will they last” is a different question. I will check back in with that info as soon as I have it but in the mean time, I’m carrying nail glue with me where ever I go.

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