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The Shower Method

  1. Remove all soil from the plant roots. Soaking the root ball in diluted hydrogen peroxide will help prevent root rot and loosen any soil that might be stuck on the roots. Carefully using a toothbrush or any soft-bristled brush may help with removing soil. Leaving any soil increases the chances of root rot. It is optional to trim the roots. It is optional to remove the roots completely and re-root the plant in LECA.

  2. Allow your plant roots to dry on a sterile surface. This may take anywhere from an hour to overnight.

  3. Fill your container ⅓ with dry LECA

  4. Carefully place your plant on top of the LECA, with the bottom of the plant/roots being at the ⅓ level.

  5. Surround the roots and fill the pot with dry LECA.

  6. Water the plant when it's thirsty, as you would in soil. Use this method for a month or so, until you notice new growth or water roots. Be sure to keep your LECA clean and remove any soil roots that may have rotted, to prevent the rot from spreading in the pot.

  7. If using a net pot, you may add a reservoir and fill 1/3 with nutrient water. If using a glass/stand-alone container, you may fill it 1/3 with nutrient water.

Step 2 is the KEY to this method, as well as using dry LECA

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